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Broker vs. Bank: Why work with a mortgage broker?

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When it comes to your mortgage needs, you may want to consider working with a mortgage brokerage over a bank. What’s the difference?

Pro Funds Mortgages takes a holistic approach to clients’ needs and real estate investing goals. We are specialists in real estate financing and have access to hundreds of lenders that offer various types of financing options. From the straightforward deals that conform to the standard criteria, to the more complex non-conforming cases such as self-employed, bad credit, etc. Pro Funds Mortgages performs a thorough comprehensive analysis of our clients’ needs and structures a financial plan that accounts for the future. We get creative in suggesting various financing scenarios and we develop plans to strategically assist with your financing needs.

How a Pro Funds Mortgage Broker Compares to a Bank


Mortgage & Real Estate Focused. Pro Funds specializes in all types of real estate investor financing. This includes navigating complex scenarios and implementing creative strategies to accelerate your real estate portfolio growth.

Banking Focused. Banks focus on the single mortgage situation at hand and do not offer solutions for long term real estate investment goals.

One Credit Check. A mortgage broker will perform only one credit check while sourcing multiple mortgage options at various banks.

Multiple Credit Checks. If you intend to rate shop, each bank you work with will perform their own credit check resulting in several hits on your credit.

One Stop Shop. Pro Funds specializes in all types of mortgage financing including residential, commercial and construction and development. We work with conventional, alternative and private lenders and are focused on finding the best mortgage solution to suit your needs.

Limited Scope. Banks offer standard mortgage products, and may not be able to satisfy complex scenarios that involve alternative approaches beyond their lending abilities.

Negotiates on Your Behalf. Pro Funds works for you to source various lenders and product options to get you the best suited mortgage product, so that you don’t have to.

You Must Negotiate For Yourself. When trying to find the best rate and mortgage product at the bank, you will have to negotiate with different lenders in order to obtain a solution that best suits your needs.

Ongoing Relationship. Pro Funds forms a relationship with our clients to understand their overall real estate goals and we can provide advice on future acquisitions or refinances.

Restricted Relationship. Typically once a mortgage is complete, your bank may not follow up to discuss future investing strategies, financing advice, etc.

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