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A Comprehensive Financing Solution For Real Estate Investors

ProBRRRR is an efficient financing strategy that makes borrowing private money for real estate investing, accessible & cost-effective.

Financing Features*

Loan Size

$50,000 +

Loan To Value

Up to 85%

Interest Rates

Starting at 8%

Lending Terms

12-24 Months, Open

Closing Time

As fast as 1 Week


Interest Only

Benefits & Features of Private Financing

  • Quick closings
  • Leverage more of your property
  • Fully open mortgages
  • Ease of borrowing
  • Purchase with no money down
  • Creative strategies
  • Limited restrictions on property type*

Private Financing Rates Starting At

8% APR*

How ProBRRRR can help you accelerate the growth of your real estate portfolio.

What is a BRRRR?

A BRRRR is an investment strategy used by real estate investors who purchase a property with the intent to add value through renovation. Once completed, the investor would rent out the property to create cash flow and then refinance to extract equity in order to repeat the process over again. When done right, it is a strategy that can help investors grow their portfolio while building passive income.

The ProBRRRR Strategy

  1. Buy Purchase a property in which you see a potential to create or enhance value. We can help you obtain private financing for your acquisition and improvements.*
  2. Renovate Add value to the property through renovation by making structural and/or cosmetic improvements.
  3. Rent Once complete, rent out the property to new tenants to create cash flow. This will help to service your monthly mortgage payments and debt obligations.
  4. Refinance We can help you refinance your property institutionally based on your updated appraised value. Then, you can access the equity you’ve created (if available) towards purchasing your next property.*
  5. Repeat Using the funds from the refinance, you can now consider purchasing your next property and start the cycle over again!

*Financing dependant on approved credit (OAC). Rate and Financing Features subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. Certain conditions apply.