Transformations in 2022

New collaborations, new developments, new acquisitions, new talent close out a winning year for leading independent real estate firm

What’s exciting about working in real estate is the ability to shape landscapes and change lives for the better.

At Pro Funds Mortgages, we’re working hard to transform our business and maintain our position as a market leader.

Most notably, as a group of companies, we have launched One Real Estate Enterprise, a collaborative group of companies that includes Pro Funds.

Led by Carmen Campagnaro, President Pro Funds Mortgages, and Richard Hall of Valour Group, One Real Estate Enterprise rallies the industry knowledge and expertise of Pro Funds, Valour Group, District Property Trust, Once Upon A Stay, 30 Minutes To Wealth, and other companies to deliver a range of real estate products and services, including a REIT, mortgage investments, vacation rentals, residential developments, real estate media, and more.

“With so much demand for real estate and so much volatility in the market, One Real Estate Enterprise is exactly the sort of nimble, knowledgeable real estate business that our industry needs,” says Richard Hall, managing partner of Valour Group.

Pro Funds will leverage the resources of One Real Estate Enterprise as it continues its expansion into farmland and agricultural financing and continue to offer commercial lending options for investors. As the industry that keeps people fed, farming will always be a keystone industry and a niche for creative financing opportunities. To satisfy the demand for financing options in U.S. real estate and agriculture, Pro Funds also partners with a U.S. mortgage broker to help clients mine opportunities south of the border.

To build on these successes, the group of companies has brought experienced talent to the business. John Cameron joins as Vice President of Mortgages at Pro Funds Mortgages. With 25 years of progressive experience in banking and lending, Cameron extends Pro Funds’ expertise in the areas of mortgages and financing. As Valour’s new General Counsel, Fred Gjoka brings expert knowledge of large-scale commercial real estate and financing transactions to overall growing portfolio of properties. Both executives enhance the group of companies’ mission to offer superior service and expertise in the construction, development, and finance sector.


The group of companies continue to grow. In October, District Property Trust, announced the acquisition of 111 rental units in Owen Sound, Brantford, and London, Ontario. The acquisition delivers value to investors and adds units to a tight rental market.

As 2022 winds down, Pro Funds works to finance a range of real estate investments, and through its network of companies, to develop and construct new projects, offer REIT investments, and open other investment opportunities for investors. You’ll hear about these developments in upcoming monthly newsletters, so stay subscribed.

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October 21, 2022