A collection of informative videos on mortgages & real estate investing.

Created by the founder of Pro Funds Mortgages, 30 Minutes to Wealth is a Canada wide television show on CHCH that educates viewers on a variety of real estate based investment strategies.

Mortgage Investing Videos

Passive Real Estate Investing20190611045715

Passive Real Estate Investing

Guest Ellie joins Carmen and Jordan to discuss different avenues of real estate investing. Active buying vs. passive mortgage investing. Learn how she utilized her RRSPs to in...
Top Legal FAQ’s about Mortgage Investing20190611045831

Top Legal FAQ’s about Mortgage Investing

Lawyers Hussein Hamdani and Paul Demarco of Simpson Wigle Law join Carmen and Jordan to talk about all of the main frequently asked questions investors have when it comes to p...
Alternative Financial Planning for Retirement20190611050005

Alternative Financial Planning for Retirement

Carmen and Jordan are joined by guest Jim Steele, who is a retired Financial Planner. Jim talks about his life experience investing in public investment products compared to h...
The Conservative Approach to Mortgage Lending20190611050345

The Conservative Approach to Mortgage Lending

Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro welcome guests Maria and Frank Bruno to discuss investing in mortgages with a conservative approach! Learn what to look for to ensure you are prot...
The Young Investor20190611050447

The Young Investor

Carmen & Jordan speak with investor Jordan about the advantages of starting to invest at a young age and how Jordan's investments are doing....

Mortgage Financing Videos

The 16 Year Old Investor20190611051225

The 16 Year Old Investor

Guest Tyson George joins Carmen and Jordan to talk about how he bought his first investment property at the age of 15 years old. Learn some inspiring stories of how Tyson gene...
House Hacking20190611051127

House Hacking

Carmen and Jordan interview guest Grant McDonald to discuss the concept of House Hacking. Learn how you can buy a multi-unit property and live for free while your tenants cove...
The Serial Flipper20190611051015

The Serial Flipper

Guest Shawn Allen joins Carmen & Jordan on the show to talk about flipping properties on a large scale....
The Power of Private Money20190611050913

The Power of Private Money

Carmen and Jordan speak with Wendy Forrest- Broker, Real Estate Homeward about how Wendy used private money for both investing and borrowing....
Getting to Ten Properties20190611050802

Getting to Ten Properties

Carmen & Jordan speak with Andrew Hines from AMH Fine Homes regarding the trade secrets on how to acquire and hold ten properties and beyond!...
Broker Vs. A Bank20190611050655

Broker Vs. A Bank

Carmen & Jordan speak with Ginny Sahni and Jiten Sharma, Senior Mortgage Underwriters for Pro Funds Mortgages about the many unknown advantages to working with a mortgage ...