Learn how to build wealth through real estate

USA Real Estate Hot Spots with Kristina Smallhorn

Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro meet with Kristina Smallhorn, a YouTube content creator and realtor in the U.S., to discuss investing in the United States.

Passive Investing In a REIT

In this episode of 30 Minutes to Wealth, hosts Carmen & Jordan Campagnaro meet with District REIT and Luan Ha, Exempt Market Dealer at Fundscraper Capital Inc., to discuss real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Riches In Real Estate Niches

In this episode, we talk to Heather about her incredible success story, how she got started in real estate on a whim, where she chooses to invest, how she evaluates her properties, and her secret to success.

The US Investors' Financing Guide

In this episode, Rudy talks to us about how he specializes in real estate investor financing across the United States. Financing is often a hurdle many Canadians face when looking to purchase in the US.

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