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Whether you’re a first time buyer, or building your real estate empire, Pro Funds is ready to help with your financing needs.

Financing solutions that suit your needs!

Institutional Financing

Feel right at home.

Institutional Residential Financing

Single Family
Residential Home

Multi-Unit Residential
Property With 1-4 Units

Secondary Home
Without Rental Income

Residential offerings

Residential properties with 1-4 units

Rental & owner-occupied properties

Pre-construction properties

Construction & renovation properties

Vacation homes & rental properties

Self-employed individuals

Finance under a corporation

Student rentals

Your business is our business.

Institutional Commercial Financing

Multi-Unit Residential
Property With 5+ Units

Commercial or
Industrial Properties

Commercial Offerings

Multi-residential properties with 5+ properties

Commercial or industrial properties

Mixed use properties

Vacant land

Equity Takeout

Private Financing

Make it happen.

What we Privately Finance

Land, construction & development properties

Residential properties

Commercial properties

Industrial properties

Condo conversions

Self employed individuals

Renovations & flips

Distressed properties

Challenged credit situations

Vacation properties

Benefits & features of private financing

Quick closings
Leverage more of your property
Fully open mortgages
Ease of borrowing
Purchase with no money down
Creative strategies
Limited restrictions

The Pro Funds Mortgages difference

Real estate investor focused
A fresh innovative market approach
Many benefits over working with the bank
Years of test driven experience
Key contacts & networking