Let us be your borrowing power.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, or building your real estate empire, Pro Funds is ready to help with your financing needs.

Why work with a mortgage broker?

Working with a mortgage brokerage offers several benefits over working with a bank. Let’s compare the difference.

Mortgage & Real Estate Focused. Pro Funds specializes in all types of real estate investor financing. This includes navigating complex scenarios and implementing creative strategies to accelerate your real estate portfolio growth. Banking Focused. Banks focus on the single mortgage situation at hand and do not offer solutions for long term real estate investment goals.
One Credit Check. A mortgage broker will perform only one credit check while sourcing multiple mortgage options at various banks. Multiple Credit Checks. If you intend to rate shop, each bank you work with will perform their own credit check resulting in several hits on your credit.
One Stop Shop. Pro Funds specializes in all types of mortgage financing including residential, commercial and construction and development. We work with conventional, alternative and private lenders and are focused on finding the best mortgage solution to suit your needs. Limited Scope. Banks offer standard mortgage products, and may not be able to satisfy complex scenarios that involve alternative approaches beyond their lending abilities.
Negotiates on Your Behalf. Pro Funds works for you to source various lenders and product options to get you the best suited mortgage product, so that you don’t have to. You Must Negotiate For Yourself. When trying to find the best rate and mortgage product at the bank, you will have to negotiate with different lenders in order to obtain a solution that best suits your needs.
Ongoing Relationship. Pro Funds forms a relationship with our clients to understand their overall real estate goals and we can provide advice on future acquisitions or refinances. Restricted Relationship. Typically once a mortgage is complete, your bank may not follow up to discuss future investing strategies, financing advice, etc.

The Pro Funds difference

What sets us apart from the average bank or broker? Our expert knowledge and firsthand experience in real estate gives us a competitive edge in making your dream purchase a reality. Regardless of how simplistic, challenging or complex a financing situation is, Pro Funds Mortgages is a partner you can entrust to find a solution that best aligns with your investment strategy.

Real estate investor focused
A fresh innovative market approach
Many benefits over working with the bank
Years of test driven experience & success
Key contacts & networking

Institutional Financing


Pro Funds Mortgages specializes in all types of mortgage financing including residential, commercial, construction and development. With access to a vast network of lenders, we are focused on getting you the best rate and product to suit your needs.

Institutional residential financing

Residential offerings

Residential properties with 1-4 units

Rental & owner-occupied properties

Pre-construction properties

Construction & renovation properties

Vacation homes & rental properties

Self-employed individuals

Finance under a corporation

Student rentals

Alternative lending is an option!
Pro Funds has access to numerous alternative lending institutions outside of traditional bank lenders! These lenders such as Credit Unions and Trust companies, typically offer a wider variety of more creative financing solutions and a lower barrier of entry to qualifying, for those that don’t fit within the standard bank lending criteria.

Institutional commercial financing

Commercial Offerings

Multi-residential properties with 5+ properties

Commercial or industrial properties

Mixed use properties

Vacant land

Equity Takeout

Evaluating a commercial property.
When evaluating a commercial property, always prepare your own proformas and make sure to confirm that all expenses are included (Ex. snow removal, landscaping, garbage disposal, water, maintenance, vacancy). These are common expenses that tend be overlooked and can make a big difference in determining the viability of the property you want to purchase!

Private Financing


Private mortgage financing has become a great alternative solution for borrowers since rigid bank lending requirements have restricted the ability for many real estate investors to obtain institutional financing.

What we finance

Land, construction & development properties

Residential properties

Commercial properties

Industrial properties

Condo conversions

Self employed individuals

Renovations & flips

Distressed properties

Challenged credit situations

Vacation properties

Benefits & features of private financing

Quick closingsQuick turnaround times with private financing can allow a borrower to be more competitive with their offers which can make a huge difference in your real estate acquisition strategy.
Leverage more of your propertyWe can help you leverage more of the equity in your property by offering higher loan to value ratios compared to bank lenders. This provides you with access to more capital for your needs and investment goals.
Fully open mortgagesThe majority of our private mortgages are open for repayment at any time! This offers a fantastic option for borrowers who are looking for short term or flexible financing solutions without the burden of a locked in commitment and additional borrowing costs.
Ease of borrowingThrough private financing, we take time to assess borrower suitability with a bigger picture in mind. With less onerous qualification guidelines, we can provide financing options for complex situations and make the process more hassle free.
Purchase with no money downLeverage equity in collateral real estate to purchase new property, with little to no money down and cover closing costs, interest payments and more.
Creative strategiesOur specialists, who are highly experienced in creative financing and real estate investing, think outside the box to achieve approvals for maximum loan amounts and help you accelerate the growth of your portfolio.
Limited restrictionsLimited restrictions on property type gives the borrower flexibility to accomplish their real estate goals without constraints. Pro Funds offers financing on renovation projects, vacant properties, condo conversions, etc.

Do’s & Don’ts to mortgage financing

DON’T shop for your mortgages
DO focus on the best product not the best rate
DON’T place a non-conditional offer without a plan
DO use private funding to get ahead in your real estate endeavours
DON’T assume a mortgage pre-approval guarantees financing
DO read all the conditions of your mortgage commitment carefully
DON’T waive your financing clause until absolutely sure
DO check your own credit report periodically
DON’T order your own property appraisal